The Pain Was Enough to Make a Shy, Bald Buddhist Reflect and Plan a Mass Murder

Thoughts on the debate…

OMG. Why is the President screaming at me? Why is he charging Charlie Gibson like a bull for a red cape? Why is he telling someone who feels that their rights are being eroded that they’re wrong? Why is he telling someone who wants to know what mistakes he feels he’s made that when “they say” say that, “they” mean that invading Iraq was mistake? Sir, maybe she knows better what her own question means than you (or “they”) do.

Leaving aside policy differences, as there’s simply no overlap between the two visions for America these men have, and so it’s unlikely that anyone who’s up on the issues (and/or feels even remotely passionate about any of them) will have been swayed by content, the winner of this debate was clear: John Kerry…by a mile.

Bush seemed like a major bully, totally reactionary, and not someone who you'd want, as they say, with his finger on the button. In fact, we've seen the result of this hyper-spazzy, arrogant, antagonistic, angry, belligerent man when he's faced with a decision - stare blankly into space for 7 minutes, then declare war on the wrong country. His agitation (and, dare I say? – desperation) were palpable. Despite his attempts not to scowl, and the flippant remarks about his previous surly debate performance, he came across as petulant, impatient, rude, boorish, impudent, condescending, and just plain mean. His winks at unidentified attendees were creepy. And every time Kerry was speaking, Bush hovered anxiously on the edge of his stool, blinking like a Tourette’s sufferer on speed.

By comparison, Kerry was composed, measured, incisive, and patient. He sounded far less like he was lecturing, and more like he was calmly explaining his positions. The personal presentation between the two men was striking. Kerry gave a remarkable performance, showing decisively that he is better suited to a position that requires a level head and a curious and complex nature.


On several shots of Bush's back, it looked like you could see a wire running down his back underneath his jacket. Could have been a crease, but it didn't move when he did. Maybe they hid the box in his crotch this time, which is why he was so cranky.


I'm hating all the coverage on every news channel. MSNBC - the panel consists of Peggy Noonan (Reagan speechwriter), some Republican lawyer, and Pat f-ing Buchanan. Oh yeah - and Ron Reagan, Jr., who seems a bit lefty, but is still, after all, the son of the Republicans' favorite cowboy of all time. It's the same on all the other channels. And no one wants to call it. Better ratings for them if it remains a horserace. Now Ann Coulter is on CNN. I didn’t realize they had officially transformed into the Cunt News Network.


Yahoo reports on Bush’s emotional turmoil. All the online “internets” polls are showing Kerry with a large margin of victory. Hopefully, in spite of the spin we’re getting on the news channels, more reports accurately depicting Bush’s woeful performance will emerge, along with poll results heavily favoring Kerry as the winner.

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