Question of the Day

I'm not sure how we acquired it or where it came from, but we had it nonetheless. I'm not sure our parents new about it or even cared. After all, it was mostly harmless, without something with which to fire it. What could a pair of wee boys all of six and ten years old do with a live round of ammunition without a gun?

We could stick it in a slingshot and fire it at the garage door.

At first, it didn't seem like a bad idea. It was kind of neat, as I recall. The first couple times anyway.

Until the round hit the garage door primer-end first.

Where the round went neither of us have any idea. Thinking back on it now, we're damn lucky one of us, or anyone else, wasn't hit, wasn't killed. It scared the hell out of us, that's for sure. To this day I remember exactly what the little burn mark on the garage door looked like, where the round had discharged and shot to Lord knows where.

It was just one of many stupid and dangerous things my brother and I did as kids.

So, my question: What monumentally stupid thing did you do as a child that you're now surprised to have come through unscathed?

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