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Power Move: Teaspoon

[Content Note: Reclaimative use of slur.]

Yesterday, Shaker mdevile asked me if she could draw a mini-portrait of my misandry helmet pic "a la D&D character sheet," to which I of course replied, "Sure!" because that sounded fun!

And last night, she sent this "feminist boss card" to me, which I am sharing here with her permission:

drawing of me, below which is mdevile's signature followed text reading: 'Melissa McEwan: Queen Cunt of Fuck Mountain | Stats: Contempt (high) Wit (high) Eloquence (high) | Power Move: Teaspoon | Bonuses: +5 to Misandry'


I mean, not only is it just cool and clever as fuck, but pouring over the character cards to pick a character before launching into an RPG is one of my favorite things. So basically this just delights me to no end!

Thank you so much, mdevile! That totally, totally made my day. A+

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Elsewhere on the Internetz...

This dipshit mixes up Melissa McEwen—who is: 1. Not me; 2. The author of the Hunt Gather Love and Paleo Drama—and me, then tries to retrofit a post in which he originally attributed one of McEwen's posts to me, creating this fucking mess of nonsensical gibberish which includes a picture of me stolen from someone else's Facebook account.

Reading is fundamental!

So I tweeted at Richard Nikoley, the author of this amazing post, in order to let him know he has clownhair for brainz and also to let him know he does not have my permission to use that image.

[The image is of me flipping off the camera.]

Mr. Nikoley responded by telling me that I lack reading comprehension, and that if I had a problem with his posting the picture, I should take it up with Google, with a link to an image search for my name.

That's when he blocked me, lol.

So, basically, this fucking dingaling can't tell the difference between two women with a similar name (hey, we're all a monolith anyway, right?), tries—badly—to cover his tracks, and leaves up the picture of me he does not have my consent to use, even though I literally have nothing to do with the blog post with which he's taking issue.


One of the things I love about people reposting this photo of me is that it's always accompanied by commentary on how I'm fat and there's a lot of embedded/implied shit about how I should be super embarrassed by this photo because I'm visibly fat and making a funny face mid-storytelling. Uh, nope. I'm in my favie Atari shirt having fun at Deeks' house. I pretty much love it.

I look at that picture and remember a great day that ended with Deeky and me staying up almost all night having a tumbling conversation about meaningful things. Deeky and I were already friends, but that was one of those days which changes the shape of a friendship into something more and better and grander than it was the day before.

That was a day, a day spent with Deeky and Spudsy, two of my favorite people on the planet, in which I was full of love for them and felt loved right back.

No amount of using that picture to try to shame or hate me will ever change that.

It's mine. No matter who steals it.

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The Feministing Five

Feministing's Anna Sterling interviewed me for The Feministing Five this weekend, and the interview is here, if you'd like to check me out talking about feminism, blogging, fat activism, and the women who inspire me, among other things.

My thanks to Anna, and to Jessica/scatx for suggesting me!

screen cap of the headline and first paragraph of the interview
[Click to read.]

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Adventures in Blogging, Part Wev

[Content Note: Racism; fat hatred.]

So, in March, someone posted a fake OKCupid profile using my picture (one from the hat series), then linked to it on Reddit. The profile was, of course, full of fat jokes, but it was also deeply racist: The entire premise of the "hilarious" profile was that I desperately want to have sex with black men, and there were all kinds of plays on the stereotype of fat white women and black men, and the objectification of black men as sexual studs.

Stealing my picture to make fat jokes is so routine that I don't even give a shit anymore. Stealing my picture to set up a fake dating profile is an issue: I don't want people who might recognize me thinking I'm cheating on Iain. But stealing my picture in order to perpetuate racism is a serious fucking concern.

I contacted OKCupid, who evidently have no quality control that prevents people using their property to promote rank racism and fat hatred, and they eventually removed the profile. I did, however, have to sign up to OKCupid in order to confirm that, because, despite requesting confirmation of removal, I received none, and, once the profile was taken down, the message served indicated the profile was merely "private" and visible only to OKCupid members. Only once I signed up could I confirm it was actually gone (and it was), but OKCupid essentially used the exploitation of my image and complaint about bigotry to oblige me to sign up to their service. Gross.

That was not the end of the story. Now the image, tagged with text from the profile, is going around Tumblr:

image of me in my favorite hat, making a duck face, showing the OKCupid logo and text reading: 'My self-summary: Honestly I just want to have sex with black guys.'

I'm getting emails about it from people who recognize me, so part of the reason for this post is just to publicly say: Yes, I know about it.

Another part is to acknowledge that my image is being used in a racist meme, which is upsetting.

I'm pissed to have been put in a position where some people will misconstrue my objection to the meme as embarrassment (or some other negative reaction) to the suggestion I'd be sexually intimate with a black man, as opposed to being angry my image is being used to perpetuate oppressive stereotypes of black men as: 1. A Mandingo monolith; and 2. Consolation prizes for white women considered undesirable by white men.

That is not how I think of black men, and I am unthrilled, to put it mildly, to see those narratives being promulgated in the year of our lord Jesus Jones two thousand and twelve, no less that my image is being used in the process.

Finally, I'm writing about this to underscore, once again, the cost of being a fat woman who has the unmitigated temerity to put her picture on the internet. My picture has been used in all sorts of violent and pornographic imagery; it's been used to mock me specifically, and to mock fat women generally; it's been appropriated as "the face of morbid obesity"; and now it's been used in a racist meme. I'm sure pictures of me have been used in ways of which I'm not even aware.

The only option is to not post pictures of myself. But the reason I post pictures of myself in the first place is because there is a dearth of imagery of fat women, especially fat happy women enjoying their lives. That's partly because of media that disappears fat people unless it's to shame us, and partly because fat women know that their images will be abused. Oh the irony, etc.

I'm not going to stop posting my picture. That's a calculated risk. Pictures of me are going to be stolen, appropriated, exploited, abused. When they're used in a way that demeans other people, I will have to write posts like this one.


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Young Bones Groan

Day one, and the question is: Why join the blogosphere when there are already so many blogs out there, many of them great, many of them garbage? The thing I’ve noticed about the political blog culture is that for people who spend their days immersed in it, often we are the first to draw connections between a story we read here and a story we read there. It’s not uncommon that I’ll see a post on one of the blogs I read regularly that reflects an insight I’ve had myself, though sometimes the dots I managed to connect don’t form a full picture anywhere else for days. That means on some days I may have something interesting to say, and on some days, I won’t. Will this blog be worth it for the days I do? We shall see.

For those who stumble across Shakespeare’s Sister and don’t already have the following on their reading lists, I recommend the following: Talking Points Memo, the brilliant John Aravosis’ AMERICAblog, Daily Kos, David Corn’s blog, Informed Comment by Juan Cole, James Wolcott’s blog, Hullabaloo, and the always witty World O’ Crap. I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but I’ll keep adding to the list as we go.

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