Trump Should Be Impeached Because We're Debating Whether Trump Should Be Impeached

As I have mentioned, ahem, I am tired to the center of my bones of the "debate" about whether Donald Trump should be impeached.

There are many reasons why Trump should be impeached, and chief among them is this: Four years ago, had anyone described to virtually any member of Congress, in either party, the particulars of the case against Donald Trump, attaching them instead to a hypothetical president, they would not have hesitated before saying that president should be impeached.

Sure, some of them would have argle-bargled some caveating nonsense about not being able to recommend impeachment in a theoretical context, but most of them, if pressed, would have said with certainty that any president who had done the things Trump has done should be held accountable for them.

But two years into Trump's presidency, he has so profoundly shifted the parameters of what is "normal" and what is "acceptable" for a sitting president, that now we are debating whether the particulars of the case against Donald Trump constitute impeachable offenses at all.

That alone is reason to impeach him. Urgently.

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