Trump Considering Kobach for "Immigration Czar"

Donald Trump is reportedly considering an "immigration czar" to oversee his vile nativist agenda, and the heinous Kris Kobach — who vice-chaired the trash-heap that was the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity and has repeatedly lied about 3 million undocumented immigrants voting illegally — tops Trump's list of shitwheels for the position.

He also, as you may recall (or not, since every day is a thousand years) was caught in 2016 leaving the White House with an aggressive plan to harass immigrants.

That Trump is considering an "immigration czar" at all is horrendous for all the obvious reasons, and that he is considering Kobach for the position is chilling, not only because Kobach is fully on board with every ounce of malice this regime wants to exact on the population, but because it suggests that Trump is thinking ahead to 2020 and wants to enlist Kobach to help prepare a strategy of delegitimizing election results on the basis of conjured voter fraud, in case of an election loss.

I don't like this one fucking bit.

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