A Divided Nation

The Mueller report makes very obvious that Donald Trump colluded with Russia and is a traitor, in colloquial terms if not strictly legal ones, as are many of his associates and family members.

The Attorney General is acting to protect him — and has prioritized shielding the president from consequences of his lawless behavior rather than protecting We the People from the consequences of having a lawless president.

Moving forward, it's going to be increasingly difficult for anyone on the side of U.S. democracy and facts and reality to not regard this government and every one of its supporters — who are (in varying values) our neighbors, our employers, our coworkers, our family, our friends — as traitors, with good reason.

Meanwhile, Trump is working overtime to cast all of us as enemies of the state, waging a relentless campaign of stochastic terrorism against us, and of course his cultists are lapping it up as fast as he can dish it out.

The press talks about how "divisive" the politics of this era are, in order to place the blame in various and usually incorrect places, but that doesn't even begin to come close to describing what a truly perilous time we're in.

This country is legitimately on a precipice, and it's not going to take much more to tip it over into something goddamn ugly.

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