What I'm Watching

This is a thread to share all the good things you're watching at the moment, or have recently watched. Serialized shows on broadcast or streaming; films; digital shorts; stand-up; documentaries; performances — whatever! Tell us what you're watching and enjoying these days.

For the first few days of being ill, I was mostly sleeping. Like, all day and all night. Then I was mostly not sleeping at all, for days, because I couldn't stop coughing. Now, I can get some sleep in fits and starts, at least. But mostly, it's just a lot of lying around, trying to breathe. So I've had a lot of time to fill!

Between the lack of sleep and the meds I'm taking, my brain has been in a fog so thick I can barely follow a conversation, no less a book, which has meant a whole lot of TV.

And my new favorite show is the Netflix remake of One Day at a Time. OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

image of the primary cast of One Day at a Time on the dance floor at Elena's quinceanera
Oh my heart.

This is the way remakes should be done: The show essentially hews to the heart of the original (I show I adored as a kid), but updates it with a cast who reflect and visibilize a different demographic, creating a real reason for the remake beyond profit.

The writers on the show are amazing, and have imbued the classic half-hour family sitcom structure — there's a problem, but nothing that can't be fixed without enough love and communication! — with a fresh approach that incisively tackles big, modern problems with complexity and sensitivity. It doesn't just show you the family you wish you had; it shows you the family that every family could be, with a little effort.

I've made it through the first two seasons so far, and virtually every dang episode makes me laugh out loud and makes me cry.

The entire cast is terrific, but I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to specifically scream: RITA MORENO IS A NATIONAL TREASURE!!! Maude, how I love her.

image of Rita Moreno as Lydia on One Day at a Time, clutching an orange umbrella to her cheek

Anyway! What are you watching these days?

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