What I'm Watching

This is a thread to share all the good things you're watching at the moment, or have recently watched. Serialized shows on broadcast or streaming; films; digital shorts; stand-up; documentaries; performances — whatever! Tell us what you're watching and enjoying these days.

On Friday, Iain and I saw Mary Poppins Returns, and we loved it soooooo much! We were both huge fans of the original, both having watched it many times when we were kids. The sequel is every bit as good, in my estimation. I can't even believe I'm saying that, but it's true!

screenshot of a dance number featuring Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack performing with cartoon animals on a colorful stage

It's a perfect mix of nostalgia and modern updates. I won't spoil any of the surprises either way, just suffice it to say it is delightfully vintage with wonderfully modern touches!

Lin-Manuel Miranda was terrific, of course — both an inspired and the obvious choice to play Jack. All the kid actors were unusually stellar. The cameos were amazing.

I'm especially impressed with Emily Blunt, who took on such an iconic role and did a fabulous job honoring Julie Andrews' Poppins while simultaneously making the role her own. She is super talented, and she's quickly become — following Marry Poppins Returns, A Quiet Place, and The Girl on the Train — an actor who draws me out of the house to see her films while they're still in cinemas.

* * *

On the streaming front, I finally got around to watching the Netflix original Dumplin', starring Danielle Macdonald and Jennifer Aniston. I liked it a lot.

screenshot from Dumplin' of a scene backstage at a beauty pageant, featuring Odeya Rush as Ellen, Danielle Macdonald as Willowdean, Maddie Baillio as Millie, Jennifer Aniston (dressed in pageant gear) as Rosie, and Bex Taylor-Klaus as Hannah

There were a few things I didn't dig about Dumplin', some of which could have been resolved if it had been shot as a limited series with more time to flesh out the plot and the complex humanity of the characters, but there was a lot more I did like.

I especially loved the four teenage girls at the center of the story, with an extra special affinity for Maddie Baillio as Millie.

And I'm really glad to see Jennifer Aniston making different choices than the total shit she was choosing for the last decade. I don't think I've liked her in a single thing since Friends with Money in 2006. Nice to see her in something that isn't grossly offensive dude-centered trash for a welcome change.

Anyway! What are you watching these days?

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