Discussion Thread: What Do You Need Encouragement to Do?

Shaker Auntie Thetical's comment in the #365feministselfie thread and my own answer to Shaker RachelB's Question of the Day, which will be published later today, put me in mind of how often we humans — especially those of us in marginalized classes, who might carry inordinate insecurities because of pervasive negative messaging around our identities — need supportive encouragement to do something bold for ourselves that we might desperately want to do but can't quite muster the gumption.

Sometimes, all it takes is a kind and encouraging word from someone you trust to get us over that last, lingering doubt. Sometimes, we need to rely on our community to provide the final ounce of courage that tips the scales. Sometimes, we just need someone else to give us the permission we can't seem to give ourselves.

It can be the "little" things, like finally wearing that sleeveless dress hanging in your closet or going to the gym for the first time in a long time, or ever — or major life-changing decisions, like applying to graduate school or jumping back into the dating pool or jumping out of a toxic relationship.

Whatever is intimidating you, for whatever reason. Sometimes we just need someone to tell us, "Go for it!"

So, here's a thread, for anyone who needs it, to talk about the things they've been dreaming of doing, or hesitantly contemplating, or fervently desire, but just need an extra push of enthusiasm from people who want the best things for them.

If you need encouragement, reassurance, cheer, some borrowed dauntlessness, here's the place to get it!

image of a hand, which appears to belong to a white woman, giving the thumbs-up; there is a smiley fce inked onto the pad of her thumb
[Image via Pixabay.]

[Note: Readers are invited to share positive things they are seeking to do for themselves, and there is no place for discouragement in this thread. If you don't agree with someone's choice, say nothing.]

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