Trump Blows Up Iran Nuclear Deal

As anticipated, Donald Trump announced this afternoon that he was withdrawing the United States from the Iran nuclear deal.

Okay, so a couple of things right off the bat: Trump is just telling straight-up lies about the current state of Iran's nuclear development in order to justify the spectacularly stupid and dangerous withdrawal from the agreement struck by the Obama administration. And not only is he isolating the United States via the withdrawal itself, but he's threatening sanctions against countries who provide assistance to Iran, potentially including European allies who remain in the deal. This is absolute madness.

Well, sort of. That presumes that Trump isn't acting under pressure from Putin — making yet another foreign policy decision that stands to fundamentally and immediately weaken the United States' standing and safety in the world, and subsequently benefitting Russia.

National Security Advisor and slavering warmonger John Bolton came out after Trump to give a briefing, and he reiterated Trump's lie that Iran is currently in violation of the parameters of the deal, declared "We're out of the deal," and said:

Actually, it sends a very clear signal that the United States cannot be trusted to keep its word, so there's no sense in making deals with us anymore.


We are not safer because of this awful decision. No matter how many times Trump says it, it's not true. We are far less safer than we were, even an hour ago.

Trump is risking our lives to aggrandize his own. That is the worst kind of leadership imaginable. It is devastating, every fucking day, that he is the president of a superpower.

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