TV Corner: Murphy Brown Reboot

image of the cast of Murphy Brown
They were all laughing like this because they just ate salads, I bet.

Does anyone want to talk about CBS bringing back Murphy Brown for a minimum 13-episode run? Because I am pretty excited about it!

I loved Murphy Brown, and I am really interested to see what the show makes of current politics and especially current news media.

I wouldn't be as interested if the show's star, Candice Bergen, weren't reprising the titular role, and if the show's creator, Diane English, weren't also back on board at the helm, but they both are. Yay!

There was a lot I loved about Murphy Brown, but let's just get right to the most important detail: Candice Bergen had the best hair of the '90s. Fight me.

Anyway, let's see if Murphy Brown can drag yet another insufferably sanctimonious vice-president from Indiana into a battle of wits that he will definitely lose!

Relatedly, I'm really digging the trend of reviving old shows for new seasons, as opposed to simply remaking them with a new cast. It's a new trend in the United States, but it's very common on British television, and I like it a lot.

I do, however, hope that, irrespective of how many of the old cast come back, producers diversify the cast in the new season.


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