Kids Today: A Queen at Medieval Times Edition

Outside Chicago, in the suburb of Schaumburg, lies the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, which, for its entire 35-year existence, has featured a king overseeing the castle. Until now.

Amanda Marrazzo at the Chicago Tribune: A Girl-Power Moment for Medieval Times, Where a Woman Has the Lead for the First Time.

Somehow the world has not tumbled off its axis! The walls of the fake castle still stand!


Not only do girls like 12-year-old Jadyn Enas of neighboring Aurora love it — "I like the queen better," Jadyn said. "A queen can do the same thing a king can do!" — but boys are into it, too.
"I love it, it's awesome," said 11-year-old Jacob Serrano, wearing his crown from the crowd, waving his yellow flag and declaring the scene before him "revolutionary."

...The updated narrative has aptly landed, if not by design, in a cultural moment of women's marches, #metoo reckonings, and female superheroes — something Jacob's 12-year-old brother Jeremiah also picked up on.

The role reversal "goes along with modern-day people wanting equality for men and women," he said.

It's "important for the boys to appreciate that women can hold same roles as men," said their father, Juan Serrano.
Juan Serrano, you and any other parent(s) your sons may have are doing something very right!

I am completely delighted by these kids' excitement at Medieval Times having its first queen, and fairly giddy reading that, after the show, "boys and girls of all ages posed for photos with the queen." Magic really is real.

I will confess, however, that I did have to laugh at this comment from the dude who wrote the show: "I am proud to say I was working on this show 18 months ago. We are ahead of the trend."

I mean, Pharaoh Sobekneferu was ruling Egypt 3,823 years ago, so the queen trend has been around for a minute.

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