Paul Ryan Might Leave Congress at End of Term

Two things:

1. Why?

The Politico story suggests Speaker Paul Ryan wants to go out on a high note, after (presumably) passing tax reform that will destroy America.

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu has another theory: "Appears Paul Ryan fully understands the Democratic tsunami that will occur in less than a year. Also, he is scared of losing to @IronStache."

Maybe. But if anyone is confident in Mike Pence's and Kris Kobach's ability to rig the 2018 election for the Republican Party, it's got to be Paul Ryan.

Because I am uncharitable AF, I'm wondering if there are sexual harassment and/or assault allegations against him, and if he made a deal to retire from Congress in exchange for someone(s) not going public. That is a legitimate possibility, given what we now know about Conyers, Farenthold, et. al. cutting quiet, private deals.

To be clear, I have not heard anything about Ryan; I just think it's a question worth asking. Especially these days. Especially about men who, as an official policy position, don't regard women as rights-bearing humans with agency or the right of consent.

2. Is this good news, if true?

Unclear. Eastsidekate noted in a private conversation, which I'm sharing with her permission: "Hopefully Ryan really will retire and/or will be replaced by a Democrat, but folks need to not make the mistake of assuming that will happen."

She points out that his Republican challenger is a Bannonite nightmare. Extremely current example:

So, you know, that guy could replace Ryan. Or a Democrat could! But it's not at all clear that Ryan's seat will go to someone better, and could very likely go to someone even worse.

Classic 2017: There is some chance that things could be better, and a slightly larger chance that things will get even worse!

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