Disney Bought Fox News and Did This All in One Week!

Look, I know there are way more important things to talk about in the world right now, oh boy how I know that, but sometimes you just gotta take a break and talk about Disney adding Donald Trump to their Hall of Presidents.

If you can't see the photos embedded in the tweet, they are photos of the animatronic Donald Trump in Disney World's Hall of Presidents, and the Robot Trump looks like Jon Voight melting, or Paula Deen in Trump drag, or like maybe the sulfur monster that had been inhabiting the humanoid form we know as "Donald Trump" has vacated the premises, leaving an empty skin suit behind.

In any case, it's grody!

There are a lot of reasons why this thing doesn't look like Donald Trump, though chief among them is the fact that the face lacks malice.

Anyway. I'm not usually a spiteful person, but I will admit being absolutely delighted by contemplating how much Donald Trump hates the fuck out of this, lol.

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