The Trump Regime Hates Democracy

Orion Danjuma at the ACLU: Unsealed Documents Show That Kris Kobach Is Dead Set on Suppressing the Right to Vote.
For almost a year, Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas, has struggled to hide the truth about his efforts to lobby the Trump administration to make it much harder for Americans to vote. Part of that struggle ended today when a federal court ordered excerpts of Kris Kobach's testimony disclosed along with other documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union in our challenge to his restrictive voter registration regime.

The unsealed materials confirm what many have suspected: Kobach has a ready-made plan to gut core voting rights protections enshrined in federal law. And he has been covertly lobbying Trump's team and other officials from day one to sell them the falsehood that noncitizens are swinging elections.

As the de facto head of [Donald] Trump's election commission, Kobach has positioned himself to lead an all-out assault on the right to vote.
Danjuma goes on to detail "three big plays from Kobach's voter suppression playbook": 1. Disenfranchise new voters with severe registration restrictions. 2. If the law doesn't let you suppress the vote, pull some strings to get rid of the law. 3. Cover your tracks.

I strongly recommend heading on over to read the whole thing. This is critically important information, as it lays out how the Republican Party, with the power of the Trump administration and its "voter integrity commission" led by Koback and Vice President Mike Pence, are working to destroy democracy to maintain and expand their control of the government, on every level.

[H/T to Shaker Aphra_Behn.]

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