Mike Pence Was Terrible Before Donald Trump

At BuzzFeed, Tarini Parti reports that the Democratic opposition superPAC American Bridge 21st Century is already mobilizing to defeat Mike Pence, should he run for president in 2020. Their strategy is "focused on denying the vice president an opportunity to distance himself from the administration."
"Pence wants the public to think he's removed from Trump's scandals, but that's a lie, he's not," [Shripal Shah, vice president of American Bridge 21st Century] added. "He's complicit in all of it, dating back to the transition, Michael Flynn and Russia. His signature on the public documents we've uncovered discredit his attempts to plead ignorance."

..."There's no daylight between Trump and Pence and we're going to make sure people know that," Shah said.
Excellent, yes, make sure that Mike Pence can't escape Donald Trump for a nanosecond. And it's great to examine things like his record on hate crimes (which is terrible), in order to further tie him to specific Trump administration failures, but always remember that Mike Pence was terrible before he ever met Donald Trump.

The entirety of his record must be scrutinized, not just the stuff that shows there's no daylight between Trump and Pence. Pence is horrible all on his own, in unique ways.

His tenure as governor was filled with malice and negligence. I hope that anyone doing oppo research on Pence talks to Hoosiers, because there are vaults full of information just waiting for someone to come open them.

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