Today at the Intersection of Fat Hatred and Disablism

[Content Note: Fat hatred; disablism. Some pix at link may be NSFW.]

Normally, I will do everything I can to avoid linking to the Daily Mail, but, in this case, it's about the least offensive article on this story I can find: "Plus-sized protester strips NAKED at Bluewater shopping centre to demonstrate against mannequins being too thin."

Which is really saying something, given the all-caps alarmism at fat nudity right in the headline, and the description of the protester herself as "plus-sized." (NB: Clothes are plus-sized; people are fat.)

The gist of the story is that a fat white woman was reportedly protesting the lack of fat mannequins by standing naked in a store window. She was eventually escorted away from police, who said later she had been "passed into the care of medical professionals."

That's really something, isn't it?

It's considered perfectly sane to invisibilize the existence of fat people in every way except when calling us a scourge or an epidemic, or bullying us, or shaming us, or in some other way expressing contempt for our bodies and lives — but, if you are a fat person who is so fed the fuck up with being disappeared and monsterized that you stand naked in a store window to demand recognition of your existence and humanity, you're the crazy one.


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