I Just Rolled My Eyes So Hard I May Have Accidentally Created a New Universe

The handshake hijinks of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron continue apace:

Video Description: In a public square, Donald and Melania Trump walk with Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, saying goodbye as the Trumps prepare to leave France. Donald grabs Emmanuel's hand. Emmanuel grabs Donald's hand with both of his. They continue to walk. Donald pats the top of Emmanuel's hand. They keep shaking and walking, talking to one another as if there isn't an epic handshaking battle going on. Brigitte walks over, and Donald reaches out to her, kisses and hugs her, all while Emmanuel is still clutching Donald's hand. Donald grabs Brigette's hand, so now he is holding Emmanuel's hand with one hand and Brigitte's with the other. After 27 seconds of hand-holding, Donald finally lets go of Brigitte's hand and pulls away from Emmanuel's hand, patting his shoulder.

Jesus fucking Jones.

As I said the last time around, I'm not amused by male power displays on the global stage. Of course I understand why Macron is playing this game. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

Although I'm not amused by dominance displays, I am deeply amused by this:


Sweet lord I would pay so much money for this to happen and even more for it to be Merkel.

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