An Observation

Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton's email "scandal" warranted 600 days of news coverage, there was never any serious suggestion that she deliberately compromised national security.

At it's worst, the suggestion was that she might have inadvertently done so (and when that failed to pan out, then it became all about "optics"), but never that she'd conspired to commit treason.

And yet. The caterwauling in the media about HER EMAILS. For almost two years.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been colluding with Russia so brazenly and openly that the same political media who couldn't believe there wasn't something to Clinton's emails now can't believe there is something to the allegations that Trump is doing exactly what we can all see with our own eyes that he is doing.

The hostility toward Clinton over optics, versus the unending excuse-making for Trump, is breathtaking to behold.

The truth is this: We are where we are in large part because an enormous number of people refuse to afford women any good faith at all, but will afford endless amounts of good faith to white men.

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