Texting with Liss and Deeky!

Hey, Remember the 90s Edition. [Content Note: Moving GIF below the fold.]

Deeks: I totally died when you said your coat in that picture looked like something Divine would wear.

Liss: LOLOLOL! Because it is! Which is why I love it!

Deeks: Fuck yes.

Liss: I told Spudsy: "That's what it would look like if Interview put fat people on its cover!"

Deeks: LOLOLOL is Interview still around?

Liss: Who knows. I haven't read Interview since there was still a Waldenbooks at the mall.

Deeks: Waldenbooks! LOLOLOL.

Liss: "Let's hit Waldenbooks and pick up the latest issue of Interview then swing by Tower Records for the new Happy Mondays single!"

Deeks: "I want an iced coffee from Gloria Jean's."

Liss: Gloria Jean's!!! Ahhhhhhhhahahahahahaha!!!


Liss: "Let's pick up some new sleeveless jean jackets at American Eagle."

Deeks: OMFG I used to wear the fuck out of suspenders, but, you know, just hanging down, as was the look.

Liss: Of course. I had a jean jacket that the sleeves zipped off of. So I could wear it as a jacket or as a vest over a flannel NO GODDAMN DOY.

Deeks: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Zippered sleeves!

Liss: I bet you bought all your clothes at Chess King.

Deeks: Until I discovered Hot Topic.

Liss: "Hold up! I can't go with you to B Dalton Books because I'm not done with my Orange Julius! Just go ahead—I need to pick up some new suspenders at Structure, anyway."

Deeks: LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

Liss: The entire 90s mall roster is stuck in my lint trap!

Deeks: Who even remembers this shit? (You.)

Liss: LOLOLOL!!! P.S. The Limited.

Deeks: LOLOLOL!!

Liss: Can you even imagine how much fun we would've had skulking around stupid malls together in the 90s? OMG.

Deeks: LOLOLOL! Laughing at all the d-bags in their Z. Cavariccis.

Liss: And Hypercolor shirts.

Deeks: "Fuck this—let's go get a Cinnabon."

Liss: "Okay, but I want to swing by Frederick's of Hollywood first. And let's get some Furbys at K-B Toys!"

Deeks: "Check out that asshole's Mike and the Mechanics tour shirt!"

Liss: Cool suspenders, bro.

moving image of a thin young white or Latino man with hanging-down suspenders kicking a soccer ball

Deeks: LOLOLOLOMFG!! That could pretty much be a picture of me 25 years ago.

Liss: We were more 90s in the 90s than Singles.

Deeks: LOL!

Liss: Us.

screen shot of Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon in the film 'Singles' looking at one another in an elevator; I've added talk bubbles making Fonda say 'Wanna go to the mall, cruise boys, & get a Cinnabon?' and Dillon reply 'Hell yeah.'

Deeks: LOLOLOL!!! Best. Photo. Ever.

Liss: Also us.

screen shot of Winona Ryder and Christian Slater in the film 'Heathers' sitting next to one another in an auditorium; I've added talk bubbles making Ryder say 'Wanna blow this pop stand and go to Tower Records?' and Slater reply 'Yeah. I need the new Jesus Jones single.'

Deeks: The new Jesus Jones single!

Liss: Back when you thought Jesus Jones was going to have a lengthy career. Obviously.

Deeks: I'm still holding out for a comeback.

Liss: Who isn't?

Deeks: Ned's Atomic Dustbin.

Liss: Are you kidding? Ned's Atomic Dustbin is jizzing their Girbauds in the hopes of an opening slot on the reunion tour.

Deeks: Girbauds!!

Liss: I told you the entirety of the 90s is stuck in my lint trap! Actually us.

screen shot of a scene from 'My So-Called Life' with arrows pointing to Claire Danes and Wilson Cruz, and text reading 'Actually us.'

Deeks: LOL! Yep.


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