Sessions Testimony Wrap-Up

Well, that was something. Attorney General Jeff Sessions listened to questions for nearly three hours, and he even sort of answered some of them!

If you were unable to watch or follow that session in real time, I live-tweeted the hearing and have Storified those tweets.

In sum: Sessions doesn't recall a whole lot of stuff; he doesn't want to talk about his conversations with the president but can't provide a clearly articulate legal justification for that; he's mad about the way James Comey made implications about him; he is very appreciative of Republican Senators who use their time to slowly hand well-constructed answers to him with which he can simply agree; he doesn't like Democratic Senators who ask him hard questions and expect reasonable answers; and he is rather obviously not bright enough to be the Attorney General of the United States, but exactly not bright enough to work for Donald Trump.

My two primary takeaways from the session were these:

1. The Republicans really aren't taking these hearings even remotely seriously. Their only usefulness, as far as Republicans are concerned, are to run interference for Trump and his loyalists. That isn't news, of course, but this hearing affirmed it. Again.

2. My instinct is that Sessions didn't actively and personally collude with Russia, but that there's probably a pretty good chance he knew that shit was going on during the campaign. In any case, he sure doesn't seem too concerned about Russian collusion and/or interference, which is profoundly troubling in and of itself.

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