On the London Terror Attacks

[Content Note: Terrorism; injury; death.]

On Saturday night, two terrorist attacks were carried out in close proximity in London: A van being driven by one attacker zig-zagged into pedestrians on the London Bridge, then continued on to the Borough Market, where three attackers emerged and began stabbing people in pubs and restaurants. Seven people were killed, and more than 40 people injured, about half of them seriously, many of whom remain in the hospital.

The three attackers were killed by police. The Islamic State claimed responsibility Sunday night, and the investigation is ongoing.

My condolences to the families, friends, and communities of those who were killed. My sympathies to the injured, and to the survivors who were not physically injured but must process this extraordinary trauma. I am so sorry.

I have walked the streets, many times, on which these heinous acts of violence were committed by despicable people. I have sat in local pubs, having a drink and sharing a laugh—a participant in the very sort of life that these terrorists want to disrupt and destroy.

This interview with Londoner Richard Angell, a survivor of the attacks, made me cry, and made me grin:

They should not, will not win! We can't have a situation where they seem to divide our city. Our brilliant mayor Sadiq Khan, spoke for all of us today when he talked about what unites this city, what brings people together. And we're gonna carry on loving each other, living with each other, being from all different parts of the world in the melting pot that is London. And I'm gonna go back to that restaurant; I hope other people do, too—because if, if us, you know, drinking gin and tonics, and flirting with handsome men, and being friends with brilliant and powerful women, offends these people so much that they do those barbaric, vile, and cowardly acts, I'm gonna go back; I'm gonna do it more, not less. And that's what Londoners are gonna do. And we're gonna pull together. Manchester showed Britain's best in the last two weeks; it's London's turn—and we're up for the fight.

Naturally, Donald Trump behaved like a complete shit, tweeting self-serving and mendacious garbage before heading off to the golf course. Here's what a serious and decent U.S. leader said:

I take up space in solidarity with the people of London. ♥

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