Tell Us What You're Really Thinking, Rep. Waters!

Rep. Maxine Waters has been out front in leveling unyielding criticism of Donald Trump and the brigade of reprobates he calls an administration. And, in the wake of the House passage of the "healthcare" bill, she did not hold back:
"We must take our anger, our pain, our collective strength to right this wrong, to resist this tyranny and to save our democracy from a man whose immoral character and distorted thinking are an imminent threat to our nation," she said.

Waters called Trump a "disgusting, poor excuse of a man" and slammed his Cabinet as "ill-prepared, right-wing billionaires."

Waters also called for Trump's impeachment, after saying she didn't like using the term.

"I am not a fan of the word impeach, but I want him impeached. That's what he deserves," she said, reiterating a call she's made often since Trump's inauguration.
Yes, yes, and more yes.

This, by the way, will forever remain my favorite screencap I've ever grabbed of anyone talking about Donald Trump: Rep. Maxine Waters in January, three days before Trump's inauguration.

image of Maxine Waters on TV, making the biggest stinkface

The disgust on her face is perfection. It is exactly how I feel. And, in dark moments, I hold onto the fact that Rep. Maxine Waters is out there, just as disgusted as I am, passionately representing all of us, even those of us not in her district, in seeking accountability of the Russian nesting doll of character defects that is the sitting president.

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