Hillary Shows Up. Again.

One of the many things that has made it incredibly difficult to process the results of the election is how vastly different Donald Trump's presidency looks from what Hillary Clinton's presidency would have been. That is, in no small part, because of what vastly different people they are.

One of their most basic, and simultaneously most significant, differences is that Trump doesn't demonstrate any loyalty nor any love of this country.

By contrast, Hillary Clinton is a patriot of unfathomable measure. She has dedicated, and continues to dedicate, herself to a country large parts of which have been deeply unkind to her.

On the same day Trump "wanted a win" so badly he would consign millions of Americans to pain and despair, it was reported that Clinton is laying the groundwork for a new political group that will "focus on sending money to other organizations at a time that Democratic donors are largely unsure about how they should be spending their cash." The group, which is "expected to be called Onward Together—a nod to her campaign slogan, Stronger Together," will focus on funding organizations working on resisting Trump's agenda.

image of Hillary Clinton standing onstage, holding a microphone and smiling broadly
[Photo: Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America]

Hillary Clinton doesn't owe us a goddamn thing, but she loves her country. So here she is, showing up again.

There are an awful lot of people who bitterly complain that Clinton "won't go away." Indeed she won't. Another way of saying that is Hillary Clinton keeps showing up.

For her country. For us.

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