There Is No Debate

[For those who cannot view the images embedded in the tweets: The first is an image of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during a debate, with text reading: "We had a choice between a woman who is the most qualified candidate ever to seek the presidency, and a man who boasted about being a serial sex abuser, and some people still want to debate if sexism played a role in the election." The second is an image of Donald Trump, with text reading: "This man launched his campaign by demeaning Mexicans; spent his entire campaign using racist dogwhistles; promised policies to harm refugees, immigrants, and citizens who are people of color; and some people still want to debate if racism played a role in the election." The third is an image of Mike Pence, with text reading: "This infamous nemesis of the LGBTQ community was chosen as Trump's running mate, and people still want to debate if homophobia and transphobia played a role in this election."]

I could literally spend the rest of my day making these. But I think anyone who will get the point, has. And anyone who won't, never will.

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