The Monday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by turtles.

Recommended Reading:

[Content Note: Transphobia; gender policing] This Twitter thread by Laverne Cox is a must-read.

Shree: [CN: Nativism] Such a Great Country; Such Nasty Bigotry

Katherine: [CN: Classism] Donald Trump Is a Rich Man's Idea of a Rich Man

Ayesha: [CN: Religious intolerance] Some People Aren't Celebrating Mahershala Ali as the First Muslim to Win an Oscar: Let's Talk about Anti-Ahmadi Discrimination

Anne: [CN: White supremacy] Here's How White Supremacists Are Recruiting on College Campuses in Texas

Feminist Aspie: [CN: Disablism] Autistic People Need Diagnosis, Not Denial

Jenni: [CN: Rape culture] This Dude Humping the 'Fearless Girl' Statue Is the Actual Worst

Rae: [CN: Moving GIF at link] A Wild New Hypothesis for How the First Monster Black Holes Formed

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