The Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by rain.

Recommended Reading:

Eastsidekate: [Content Note: Trans hatred] A White Trans Lady Circle of Life

Sarah: [CN: Misogyny] What We Actually Gained From Hillary's Loss

Lance: [CN: Bigotry] I Alone Is Not a Populist Message

Karnythia: Let's Talk About Education—Public Education

Jess: [CN: Misogyny] What Women's Basketball Coaching Shows About Sexism in Sports

Keith: [CN: White supremacist murder] Dylann Roof to Plead Guilty to Murder Charges, Avoid Death Penalty

Vivian: Iceland's Government Wants to Make Sure Women Really and Truly Get Equal Pay

Maddie: [CN: Moving GIF at link] Oh My God, Look at Saturn's North Pole

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