I Really Hate This Guy

Yesterday, Speaker Paul Ryan said this breathtakingly cruel thing about his party's garbage healthcare proposal:

What I want to tell my fellow citizens, as the nightmare of Obamacare is about to end, that we are doing what we said we would do in this campaign, which is repeal and replace this awful law that is crashing. Let me say one more thing: Let's not forget Obamacare is collapsing. Obamacare isn't staying. If we did nothing, the law would collapse and leave everybody without affordable healthcare. We are doing an act of mercy by repealing this law and replacing it with patient-centered healthcare reforms that we as conservatives have been arguing for and fighting for, for years.
Emphasis mine.

First of all, fuck you.

Secondly, Obamacare is not collapsing. And even if it did, it would not leave "everybody" without healthcare, because members of Congress like Paul Ryan will always have healthcare, even after they leave government, for the rest of their lives.


This is more than a mere policy difference. This is about values, and about the most basic belief that lives are more important than corporate profits.

Paul Ryan does not believe that. Most of his party does not believe that.

They have some nerve calling themselves "pro-life" when they would see countless people die, or have much lower qualities of life than they could have, in order to line the pockets of corporate executives and shareholders.

Party of Moral Values, my big fat ass.

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