Paul Ryan Is the Worst

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gave a press conference today, all of which was terrible obviously, but here are two lowlights:

1. Affordable Care Act

RYAN: We're gonna be rolling out our plan [to repeal the Affordable Care Act] very soon—that's the legislative process. Let's remember one thing: Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight right now. Plans are pulling out right now. Obamacare, to quote an insurance, um, head of an insurance company, is in a death spiral. So this is a rescue mission.

We have to step in and prevent Obamacare from getting worse, from collapsing, and we will replace it with a law that's better! That's more durable. That lowers costs; improves access to more affordable plans.

But, more importantly, we're not gonna sit in the government and force people to buy something that they don't want to buy. We're gonna give people choice and freedom. And that's what a patient-centered health system does, and that is one of the reasons why we must repeal and replace Obamacare, and that is top of our list this spring.
The Affordable Care Act, which has provided healthcare access for 20 million people, is "in a death spiral," according to Ryan. People will literally die if it is repealed, but they are on "a rescue mission," according to Ryan. There ain't enough fuck you in the world for this guy.

2. Russian Election Interference

Trump, his press secretary, and the rest of his garbage administration are "disputing that." In fact, just one hour before Ryan made this absurd claim, Sean Spicer again "disputed that" at his daily briefing.

Clearly, Ryan is not unaware that the entire Trump administration is disputing that there was Russian meddling in the election. And not just disputing it, but going to great (unethical and possibly illegal) lengths to quash both investigations into and press reports about that meddling.

And still he stands before the American people denying that anyone is disputing those facts.

Why? To protect the Trump administration while simultaneously looking as though he actually cares about the integrity of our elections.

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