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Dear Democrats Who Are Voting for Any or All of Trump's Nominees:

If you're voting for Trump's nominees in a bid to get reelected, what would we be reelecting you to do exactly?

Because the Number One thing we need Democrats to do right now is resist Trump. And if you can't do that in order to save your seat, then why should we want to reelect you? So a Republican can't get elected? The thing is, if you're appeasing fascism, well, it doesn't make a whole lof of difference whether it's you or a Republican in that seat.

I mean, this isn't "I have to compromise on a protected lands bill to oblige my conservative hunting constituents." This is about fascism or not fascism.

If you don't resist like hell now, I believe there's very little chance of anything even resembling free and fair elections in two years, at the rate Trump Co. is relentlessly dismantling our systems, norms, and rights.

He's already invoked the specter of martial law in Chicago, and it's extremely rare that suspended elections do not attend the institution of martial law in authoritarian regimes.

In the best case scenario, he's building a Cabinet and judiciary profoundly hostile to voting rights.

We can't be looking to elections as a guaranteed curative, for a whole lot of reasons. (Not least of which is the fact that Democrats can win 3 million more votes in a presidential election and still lose.)

Reelection should be the last thing in your heads right now—except insofar as you should be calculating that, two years from now, Trump will look even worse, and any Democrat who supported him along that contemptible path will be voted out on their asses. If we still have the option.

So, please, I beg you: Resist. With everything you've got.


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