This weekend, Melissa McCarthy reprised her role as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live for the cold open, and it was, of course, amaaaaazing.

Video Description: Melissa McCarthy, outfitted as Sean Spicer, complete with ill-fitting suit, gives a press conference. She starts by promising to be calm and cut back on the gum, then immediately is not calm and chews massive amounts of gum. She can't pronounce names of foreign dignitaries, finally saying, "You know what? Let's just call her Connie." She then takes questions, and again responds by freaking out, eventually turning to dolls to demonstrate her point, in the process confessing the immigration ban is rank racism. She reads a list of imaginary terrorist attacks, and then accuses Nordstrom of terrorism, showing that she's wearing an Ivanka bangle and high-heeled shoes. She introduces Jeff Sessions, played by Kate McKinnon, who says, "There are two kinds of crime: Regular and Black," before being hussled off the stage. McCarthy's Spicer then uses a leaf blower on a reporter to shut her up, before chasing reporters around the room on her podium, used like a Segway. "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!"
Now, that was pretty great, but, my friends, THEN THERE WAS THIS.

Video Description: An SNL digital short, featuring Leslie Jones on a quest to play Donald Trump. She studies Trump's speech and mannerisms. She blows off her boyfriend to do her Trump research. She's outfitted in a Trump wig and eyebrows, even as people tell her it will never happen. She goes to see producer Lorne Michaels and does a terrible Trump impression. He tells her it's not going to happen, then she explodes on Lorne, in a very Trumpian way. She is escorted out. On the street, still in costume, she looks forlorn. Then Melania pulls up in a limo, mistaking her for Trump, and she gets in and they drive away.
Sometimes, dreams really do come true.

Donald Trump has managed to restrain himself from tweeting about SNL recently. But of course we know that he can't look away, and that all of it is getting under his thin skin: "More than being lampooned as a press secretary who makes up facts, it was Spicer's portrayal by a woman that was most problematic in the president's eyes, according to sources close to him."

Keep it up, ladies of SNL. Keep it up.

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