Unpopular President-elect Is Embarrassingly Unpopular

More SHOCKING news:
In the two months since I observed that Donald Trump won the Electoral College, but is losing by every other metric, his then-terrible 42 percent favorability rating has dropped to an even worse 40 percent in the new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

...In the most recent Quinnipiac poll, his Cabinet nominees fare even more poorly: Only 30 percent of respondents approve of Trump's Cabinet choices.

His dreadful nominees are certainly part of the reason that his overall transition continues to garner remarkably low support, too, with the new CNN/ORC poll finding him with a paltry 40 percent approval for his transition, less than half the approval President Obama had at this same point.

...[N]othing more pointedly calls into question his legitimacy than his abysmal favorability numbers. The people, and more of them every day, do not support this president-elect, his nominees, or his plans. And he has failed to respond like a legitimate president would: By changing his strategy so that he can effectively govern.

If Trump wants We the People to view him as a legitimate president, then he ought to start behaving like one.
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