Two Facts

1. David Brooks is still being employed by the New York Times to write a garbage column.

2. [Content Note: 'Splaining; privilege] This week, David Brooks retroactively trolls the Women's March, saying it "can never be an effective opposition to Donald Trump," because: "In the first place, this movement focuses on the wrong issues. ...All the big things that were once taken for granted are now under assault: globalization, capitalism, adherence to the Constitution, the American-led global order. If you're not engaging these issues first, you're not going to be in the main arena of national life."


Every single thing about this column is indefensible trash, but perhaps my favorite (ahem) part is in this juxtaposition:
Finally, identity politics is too small for this moment. On Friday, Trump offered a version of unabashed populist nationalism.
It's so cute that David Brooks imagines that Trump's brand of "unabashed populist nationalism" (i.e. white supremacy) somehow isn't "identity politics."

Because it is. In fact, it is the original identity politics.

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