Just Stop

[Content Note: Racism; privilege; sexual assault.]

By way of reminder: CNN's exit polling showed that 42 percent of white women voted for Trump; 45 percent of them had college degrees. And although a larger margin (53 percent) were older (ages 45-64), a significant number of women ages 30-44 (42 percent) voted for Trump, too.

By comparison, 94 percent of Black women voted for Hillary Clinton.

That is a significant difference. And if 94 percent of all women had voted for Clinton, and 42 percent of men had voted for Trump, I bet that some of the white women currently complaining would be pretty keen to point out that disparity, without handing out cookies to the men who didn't vote for the authoritarian nightmare president.

Of course, if 94 percent of all women had voted for Clinton, she would've won.

The fact is that a very large number of white women failed to do the right and decent thing in this election. And if you're more angry (or angry at all) at the women of color pointing that out than you are at the white women who voted affirmatively for a confessed sexual predator, reexamine your life.

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