A Chilling Historic Moment

I've got a new piece at Shareblue about Trump's press conference yesterday, and it may be one of the most important things I've written about the president-elect.
Giving his first press conference since last July, Donald Trump seemed rattled when he first appeared in front of reporters. Though the presser was ostensibly called to present how he would address his vast conflicts of interest as a result of his business, he almost certainly expected to be grilled about new reports on his ties to, and potentially being compromised by, Russia.

He got some questions on the subject, but it was hardly the intense and relentless questioning that the subject warrants. And when CNN's Jim Acosta appeared inclined to ask a tough question on Russia, Trump simply refused to call on him, insulting his outlet and shouting at him for being "rude" for trying to do his job.

By the time another reporter queried Trump on his refusal to disclose his tax returns, an entirely on-topic question given the reason for the press conference, Trump was no longer looking shaky. To the contrary, he appeared to have returned to his default state of overconfidence, and, feeling pressed into a corner, he resorted to bullying and mockery.

...Trump's entire press conference was a brazen statement of rejection of ethical recommendations, combined with evasion of concerns regarding his disloyalty and a continued campaign of hostility and intimidation toward the press.

Those are not features of the leader of a free democracy. They are the behaviors of despots.

Trump's changing demeanor during the press conference, from nervous to belligerent, is very concerning. As he managed to bully through questions and exhibited stunningly troubling behavior without consequence, his back stiffened with empowerment.

This was a turning point. A very alarming one.

...One night earlier, President Obama warned us about threats to our democracy. During his press conference, President-elect Trump revealed that the biggest threat to our democracy is him.
There is much more at the link.

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