Whut. And Wrong.

And by the way, you know that so-called Commission on Presidential Debates? The head guy used to work for Bill Clinton! Did you know what? I just found that out! The head guy worked for Bill Clinton! Ai yi yi what a rigged deal this is. But here's the story— I have no respect for that group, by the way. I'm done. It sounds good. Presidential Commission. Give me a break! That's why I was so happy what we did to annihilate the enemy the other day. So happy.

Two things:

1. The man to whom Trump is referring, Mike McCurry, did indeed work for Bill Clinton. He was the press secretary for Bill Clinton's administration, and he is well-respected communications consultant. He is also the co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates with Frank Fahrenkopf (see?), who served as chair of the Republican National Committee (Reince Priebus' current gig) from 1983 to 1989, during the Reagan administration. So, if it matters that one guy worked for Bill Clinton, it matters that the other guy worked for the RNC. But Trump conveniently leaves out that part.

2. Trump isn't saying here that he won't show up to the third debate, but he's definitely laying the groundwork for justifying a withdrawal. One of the worst things about him, among a lot of awful things, is that he's a chickenshit who continually masks his own cowardice behind accusations of "rigging." He's playing with fire. People who lose faith in their governmental institutions are dangerous. And he's willing to tear the whole thing down just so he doesn't have to admit he's afraid to lose to a girl.

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