We'll Make History

black and white image of Hillary Clinton standing onstage at the Democratic Convention, waving

I've got a new essay at Shareblue about how each person who votes for Hillary Clinton will be etching our names into history:
The fact that Clinton made shattering a 227-year-old glass ceiling look inevitable is testament to how thoroughly she has changed the landscape.

She has taken centuries of acrimonious exclusion, and rendered them a relic.

In the strangest way — and most expected, for students of women's history — Clinton being greeted as just another boring old candidate, by people who are not inclined to appreciate the seismic shift of her achievement, is the most pointed evidence of its profundity.

Oh her. Yeah, all she had to do was be extraordinary.

But whether we appreciate the enormous import of her historical candidacy — and the possibility of triumph ahead — each of us will making history, in the quiet privacy of a voting booth, as we cast our votes.

...Each of us walks into a voting booth alone. Behind a little curtain, we make a choice. We fill in a circle, or pull a lever, or punch a card, or push a button. And then we are done.

It is a solitary task. But none of us decides an election on our own. We are part of a collective. Tens of millions of others, each completing the same solitary task on the same day. It is a unique thing, voting the way that we do. In solitude. Together.
There is, as always, much more at the link.

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