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Here is some stuff in the news today...

Whooooooops! "Trump has declared that he has a 'winning temperament.' He argued in the first debate that 'my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament.' Surveys, though, suggest it is one of his biggest political weaknesses. A Fox News poll taken after the first debate, for instance, found that just 37 percent of likely voters believe Trump has the right temperament to be president, compared to 67 percent for Clinton."

Further to that point, this is a great piece by Joy Reid: "If Donald Trump Wins, the GOP Will Rein Him In, Right? Uh, Yeah."

[Content Note: Disablism; antisemitism; racism; threats; harassment] "How Donald Trump Supporters Attack Journalists." Yep. As I've said previously, "basket of deplorables" was generous.

From my colleague Matthew at Shareblue: "Reminder: GOP continues to obstruct Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland."

[CN: Misogyny] "Girls spend 40% more time performing unpaid household chores than boys, according to a new report from the UN children's agency. Unicef said the difference in time spent working amounted to 160 million extra hours a day worldwide. Two out of three girls cook and clean in the home, and almost half collect water or firewood. They also perform more 'less visible' domestic work like childcare or looking after the elderly, the report says. It also found that the extra workload increased with time: between ages five and nine, girls spend 30% more time on chores—by 14, it rises to 50%."

Whoa, this looks so good: "Jordan Peele's Horror Film, Get Out, Gets An Amazing Trailer."

If you like Sarah Paulson (I do!), you might like this interview with her (I did!). "In terms of my [Emmy acceptance] speech, I wanted to say I love you to the person I love. Everyone else does it, so should I not do it because the person I love is a woman? And so I thought, you know what? I'm just gonna do it. I wasn't worried over it. It was a flashing thought—'should I do it?'. And I thought to myself, 'The fact that I am having this thought is wrong in the first place.' The idea that I would have to take a moment before I say this to consider what impact it might have that could be negative, is an asinine thing to engage with mentally, and I refuse to do it. So I just said what I wanted to say."

What have you been reading?

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