An Observation

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Over the past few days, I've seen a lot of white dude pundits start bravely (ahem) making the case that Hillary Clinton isn't winning because Donald Trump is an unprecedentedly awful candidate, but because she's a great candidate.

In many of these tales, I see them saying it's the "untold story" of this election, or some variation thereof.


At least one lady said this almost fully one year ago: "The one glaring exception [to all of the other candidates in this election who are running for head of government but not head of state] is Hillary Clinton, whose extraordinary competence in diplomacy only highlights the deficiency in the other candidates. By virtue of having been First Lady, a senator, and Secretary of State, she is already a statesperson. It usually takes being president to elevate someone to that status (e.g. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton), but she's already achieved it. She's frankly overqualified for the position. Which underscores just what it really takes for a woman to even be considered for the presidency. To be fucking overqualified for arguably the most demanding job on the planet."

Some of us have been noticing for quite some time that, should Clinton win, it's because she's an extraordinary candidate.

But I guess it's not as notable if we didn't spend the last 18 months trying to tear her down, only to now "discover" that she's brilliant. If you thought she was brilliant the whole time, you're just a lousy shill.

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