A Few Things to Read...

[Content Note: Misogyny and bigotry.]

I've got a couple of new pieces over at Shareblue, published over the weekend...

1. "Dear Donald, from one pissed off American woman." This is a reprised piece, updated with the most recent developments.

2. "Will.I.Am's raw emotion about Trump is heartwrenching." During an interview with Joy Reid, Will.I.Am spoke about how sad Donald Trump's lack of compassion makes him. I got all choked up just watching it, because he's expressing something I imagine a lot of us are feeling. There's video and transcript at the link.

3. "'Rigged' election talk fueled by news media's utter disregard for Clinton's voters." On how the pervasive "low enthusiasm for Hillary" meme has contributed to Trump supporters' belief that the election is rigged.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence are laying the groundwork to delegitimize the election results. Many of their supporters are convinced the system is "rigged." And the corporate media have fueled their denialism by promulgating the erroneous narrative that there is "low enthusiasm" for Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

...Trump and Pence bear the brunt of the responsibility for fanning these dangerous flames, but the corporate media are also accountable for spending nearly two years pushing the narrative of "low enthusiasm" for Hillary Clinton.

It is within this falsified context — created with countless headlines about how she is unlikable or uninspiring; about how she isn't doing "well enough" with women, or Black voters, or Millennials; about the size of her rallies or the tone of her voice — that many Trump supporters have found a compelling basis for why their candidate must be winning.
Much more at the link!

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