Oh, McCain.

I've got a new piece over at Shareblue about John McCain and his desperate, cynical, shameful maneuvering as he's locked in a tight battle for reelection to the Senate:
John McCain has some Trump Trouble.

Trump is not the sort of candidate a war hero like McCain wants to support, given Trump's willingness to refer to the U.S. military as "the gang that couldn't shoot straight" and attack a Gold Star family. Trump even attacked McCain himself, saying, in reference to McCain having been a prisoner of war, that he prefers "people who weren't captured."

Still, McCain knew he risked alienating the Republican base if he didn't support the nominee, so he endorsed Trump. But that decision is hurting him, too: Because of Trump's relentless bigotry against undocumented immigrants, a recent poll shows more than 70 percent of Arizona Latinx are less likely to vote for McCain as a result of his endorsement.

What's a 'maverick' to do?

First, he tried walking the tightrope between Trump's appeal to white nationalism and his own need to appeal to Latinx voters by publishing two different versions of his immigration position. The version on his new Spanish-language site emphasizes his record supporting a pathway to citizenship, which is noticeably absent from his English-language campaign site, where he instead positions himself as an advocate for tougher border security.

There is a whole lot more (unfortunately) at the link, including his latest gambit, which is pretending that he's pro-choice. (No, really.) So, if you've long missed my concentrated fury being aimed in John McCain's direction, head on over and luxuriate in my pools of scorn!

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