Come On

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

So, Matthew Yglesias wrote this piece for Vox. I'm not going to link to it. You can find it if you're so inclined. Its headline is: "The race is tightening for a painfully simple reason."

It's all about how the race is tightening because Hillary Clinton is unlikeable.

Here are some actual sentences you'll find in this piece:

"[D]espite her campaign's emphasis on Trump's weirdness and unpopularity, that isn't the only force shaping this race. It's profoundly unusual across two other dimensions—the strength of third party candidates and the weakness of the frontrunner—that will probably prevent Clinton from ever opening up a sustained comfortable lead unless she can do something to make herself better-liked."

"Clinton is a freakishly unpopular frontrunner."

"Despite a couple of days' worth of bad polls, Clinton still leads in national polling averages. It remains the case that if the election were held tomorrow, she would win. In that context, her 42-56 favorable/unfavorable split in national polling is truly, freakishly bad."

"It's simply going to be very hard for Clinton to open up the kind of stable lead that her supporters think Trump's awfulness deserves while she herself is so little-liked."

"But the fact remains that her basic problem in this race is almost painfully simple. Over the course of her winning primary campaign she became a deeply unpopular figure."


She just became unpopular. Like magic! She needs to "do something to make herself better-liked." Oh good idea! I wonder if her campaign has ever thought of that? They should consider positioning her as a hardworking, super-competent, highly qualified, eminently decent, and pretty damn funny candidate instead of HISTORY'S GREATEST MONSTER. Maybe that will work!

Here, by the way, are some words that never appear anywhere in the piece:






Incredibly, the only mention of the press is the observation that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein "aren't receiving much scrutiny from the press or the campaigns."

An entire piece about how Hillary Clinton has "freakishly low" approval and must "do something" to be more likable, without a single mention of the media coverage of Clinton.


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