An Incredible Admission from Donald Trump

[Content Note: Terrorism.]

My Shareblue colleague Tommy Christopher has a great piece on Trump's Top Secret Plan Which Definitely Exists to defeat ISIS. As Tommy notes, if Trump really had a foolproof plan to defeat ISIS, refusing to disclose it is costing countless lives.

Trump's claim has been he won't disclose it because he doesn't want to tip his hand to the terrorists, but Tommy found an interview in which Trump makes this incredible admission:
I know a way that would absolutely give us guaranteed victory. I’m going to say it, I guess I’ll be forced to say it at some time, but I hate to say it. Because as soon as you say it, they’re going to be – it’s an idea that in my opinion is foolproof. And I’m not talking about dropping bombs, I’m not talking about dropping the big nuke, I’m talking about something that would be unbelievable as an idea. The problem is, then everybody is going to take the idea, run with it, and then number one, people forget where it came from.
Emphasis mine.

Trump is literally admitting his own ego is more important to him than countless lives. Which has long been evident, but it's rather stunning to see him just flatly admit it, as if it isn't even controversial.

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