I Love This Video So Much

Look, y'all know I'm the Blubmaster General, but watching this video, and thinking about how Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine regard this country, versus how Donald Trump and Mike Pence regard this country, I was just a heap of emotions. Damn right #ImWithHer.

Video Description: Set to uplifting music, the video follows Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (with their spouses) on the "Clinton Kaine Bus Tour 2016." Their blue bus drives across the US—on highways, on back roads, on side streets. In voiceover, Clinton says, "We've gotta fight for our vision of the future." At a campaign event, Kaine says: "We're on this tour so that we can talk about the American economy." Video of Clinton walking through businesses, speaking to people. Kaine continues in voiceover: "To talk about manufacturing, to talk about the way to grow jobs, and make sure that everybody benefits."

Video of Clinton being hugged by her smiling husband; video of people along the bus trail. Clinton, in voiceover: "I believe with all my heart that the economy should work for everyone, not just those at the top. We are going to get on a bus and drive where people are making things!"

Scenes of the bus tour arriving in Philadelphia; Hatfield, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Johnstown, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Youngstown, OH; Cleveland, OH; Ashland, OH; and Columbus, OH. Meeting people; walking through manufacturing plants and ice cream shops and other businesses; walking to the stage through cheering crowds; taking selfies.

In voiceover: Kaine: "Hello to Philadelphia!" Clinton: "In America, if you can dream it, you should be able to build it." Kaine: "Thank you for this warm, warm Ohio welcome." Clinton: "We're going to do more to help small businesses start, grow, and succeed... So that's why I've laid out very specific plans."

Text onscreen: "Invest in infrastructure. Modernize our electric grids. Support advanced manufacturing. Raise the national minimum wage. Help small businesses grow and hire. Ensure equal pay for women." A black woman and a white woman in a crowd turn to each other and hug each other. "Modernize American education. Kaine poses for a picture with two little girls. In voiceover, he says: "I've got details, but remember: If it's about your own kid, or it's about your own business, it's not a detail—it's a big deal. And you oughta have to tell people what you're gonna do."

Text onscreen: "Make public college debt-free for working families." Two little girls run to Clinton and hug her. "Support apprenticeship programs. Secure high-speed internet across America."

Video of the two couples on the bus. Clinton looks out an open window and says, "Nice to see you!"


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