Are the Dominos Beginning to Fall?

Meg Whitman—Republican, former California gubernatorial candidate, business executive, and major Republican fundraiser—has said she will not be supporting Donald Trump and will be supporting Hillary Clinton:
Meg Whitman, a Hewlett Packard executive and Republican fund-raiser, said Tuesday that she would support Hillary Clinton for president and give a "substantial" contribution to her campaign in order to stop Donald J. Trump, whom she berated as a threat to American democracy.

"I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and I will donate to her campaign and try to raise money for her," Ms. Whitman said in a telephone interview.

She revealed that Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic nominee, had reached out to her in a phone call about a month ago, one of the first indications that Mrs. Clinton is aggressively courting Republican leaders. While acknowledging she diverged from Mrs. Clinton on many policy issues, Ms. Whitman said it was time for Republicans "to put country first before party."

Using remarkably blunt language, she argued that the election of Mr. Trump, whom she called "a dishonest demagogue," could lead the country "on a very dangerous journey."

I never thought I'd find myself saying the words: I agree with Meg Whitman.

Donald Trump really is a uniter. In the worst fucking way possible.

I would like to think that the dominos are beginning to fall, that Whitman is just the second in a long line of Republicans who will prioritize country over party and resoundingly reject Donald Trump, and, frankly, the entire direction of the Republican Party which he has laid intolerably bare.

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