Republican Convention Day Three Wrap-Up!

[Content Note: Bigotry.]

HOO BOY that was quite a day of YET EVEN MORE turgid garbage!

I again did some live-tweeting of the primetime trash parade, and I've Storified those tweets for anyone who wants to read them.

I also wrote quite a few pieces on the convention for BNR throughout the day, so here they are in case you missed any of them:

We've Reached Peak Hillary Hate (Thanks to Our Noxious Media).

As Violent Threats Against Hillary Escalate, Christie Backpedals on 'Lock Her Up' Chant.

Mike Pence Is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL for Women, Scary Awful.

Ted Cruz Mentions Hillary and Obama More Than Donald, Booed for Not Endorsing.

Appalling: Newt Gingrich Actually Said These Things About Women at the GOP Convention.

There is a bunch more great stuff there on various aspects of the convention from other members of the team, so I highly recommend heading over and checking it out, if you want coverage that you can trust will be factual but also unabashed in our blue worldview.

In other news: I spent an enormous amount of time yesterday trying to determine whether Meredith McIver, the speechwriter thrown under the bus for Melania Trump's speech which plagiarized First Lady Michelle Obama, is even a real person, or another one of Donald Trump's invented characters. I literally spent hours researching just to try to find evidence she's an actual human, with all the tools at my disposal at BNR, and I couldn't do it! And I'm definitely not alone.

Joy Reid tweets what all sensible people are thinking:

This convention is such a clusterfucktastrophe. I can't even believe what I'm watching every day. It's a broke-down carnival of horrendous bigotry, peppered by firecrackers of gobsmacking incompetence.

It's incredible. And not in a good way. I don't find it entertaining; I find it terrifying.

One more day of this crap.

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