Good Grief

So, first Melania Trump definitely wrote her own speech with as little help as possible. We heard it all day yesterday. How she was so proud and Donald was so proud and she worked on it for six weeks and it was going to be tremendous.

Then it turned out Melania had plagiarized parts of a Michelle Obama speech. Sad!

Then we heard a litany of excuses from the Trump campaign and its surrogates about how it definitely totally for sure wasn't even plagiarism and Hillary Clinton should be in jail, anyway.

The latest excuse? Damn speechwriters.
Donald Trump Jr. is laying the blame for Melania Trump's convention address on her team of speechwriters, addressing the accusations of plagiarism in an interview with CBS News' Norah O'Donnell.

"I imagine there's people who shouldn't have done that or who should have cleaned it up better," Trump said in the interview, scheduled to air Tuesday night.

...When asked if Paul Manafort, the campaign's chairman and Trump's convention manager, should have done a better job overseeing the speech, Trump Jr. defended Manafort.

"Paul didn't really have anything do with the speech," he said, acknowledging that Melania Trump "of course" worked with speechwriters.

"Having never done this before you have to work with speechwriters," he said. "Those are the people that did this, not Paul."

Donald Trump's comments come just hours after Manafort told "CBS This Morning" that Mrs. Trump "never cribbed from another speech."
So, if it was the speechwriters' fault, then Melania lied when she said she wrote it herself. And someone still plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech.

Theft and lies: The Trump calling cards.

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