Trump Is the Literal Worst

[Content Note: Terrorism; death; fearmongering; rape culture.]

I've got a new piece up at BNR about Donald Trump's disgusting behavior yesterday in the wake of the terror attack in Turkey, and about how he knows nothing but the politics of fear and destruction:
No sympathy, no compassion, no decency. This is the third major tragedy where he failed to express the most basic human compassion for the victims in his initial response.

Instead, on the campaign trail in Clairsville, Ohio, Donald had this to say on the attack: "Another suicide bombing. Istanbul, Turkey. Many, many people killed. Many, many people injured. Folks, there's something going on that's really, really bad. All right? It's bad. And we better get smart, and we better get tough, or we're not going to have much of a country left, okay? It's bad."

As if that weren't enough callous, destructive politicking for one speech, he then went on to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which he said is "raping" the US: "The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster. Done and pushed by special interests, who want to rape our country. Just a continuing rape of our country. That's what it is, too. It's a harsh word. It's a rape of our country."
There's a lot more at the link.

Rage. Seethe. Boil.

I will keep saying this until my very last breath: The only thing that is like rape is rape. The end.

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