Trump Is in Full Meltdown

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Donald Trump's campaign is disintegrating into total chaos. His campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was fired yesterday, and one of his advisers "resigned" after publicly mocking Lewandowski's termination.

He also reportedly held a come-to-Jesus meeting with "his top lieutenants, including members of his family" to "discuss a political strategy shift as he looks to move beyond recent missteps."

Meanwhile, his campaign infrastructure is in the shitter, as "Democrats have 150 staff on the ground in Ohio. Republicans have 50." And his fundraising is circling the drain, too: The pro-Clinton Priorities USA PAC raised $12 million in May, bringing their total to "$133m in donations and commitments this cycle." Which means: "Priorities has now reserved close to $100m in ads through Nov. Trump & his groups: $0."

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton had three fundraisers in New York, at which "about 135 people each gave $33.4k+. So, at least $4.5m raised today." That is more than Trump raised in the entire month of May.

Trump has no idea how to run a national campaign. Just another on a very long list of things he doesn't know.

The one thing he does know, remarkably daft tweets notwithstanding, is that he's losing. Badly.

And to a woman, no less. His greatest fear and most unbearable humiliation.

Were it anyone else, I'd expect a withdrawal citing vague "health problems" any day now. But Trump having bragged ludicrously about his health, I don't know if he could tolerate the shame of suggesting he has less than perfect vitality and virility.

So I guess he's just going to keep fumblefucking along, unless and until the Republican leadership finds some way to get rid of him. Or doesn't.

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