This Kid!

The NCAA Baseball Facebook page posted this video on Sunday, which I saw after my friend Jordan posted it, and I cannot. stop. laughing.

Video Description: During a college baseball game, a white, ginger-haired, freckle-faced little boy in the crowd notices a camera is aimed at him. He swivels his head dramatically to look into directly into the camera with big eyes. The commentators laugh, as the feed cuts back to the game. The feed cuts back to the kid, who is now intently staring into the camera with a serious expression. The camera lingers as the commentators say he's having a staredown with the camera. The kid stifles a laugh, trying to maintain his serious expression. As the commentators now commentate the staredown, the boy narrows his eyes.

The feed cuts back to the game, which is boring. The feed cuts back to the kid, now in extreme close-up, who is grinning and waggling his shoulders at the camera. He waggles his eyebrows. The commentators laugh uproariously. Back to the game. Back to the kid, who snaps his baseball glove at the camera with a grin. He waggles his shoulders and eyebrows, and the camera pulls back to a wider shot, showing a white blonde woman who is presumably his mom sitting beside him, unaware of his antics. As he dances for the camera, the commentators wonder if his mom even knows what's happening.

The kid looks at his mom, who glances at him at smiles. He swivels back to look at the camera. He swivels to look back at his mom, who looks down at him; he looks back at the camera quickly, and she finally notices that they're on camera and he's being silly, and she laughs. The kid looks at her, then looks back at the camera with the most perfect conspiratorial expression.

The feed cuts back to the game, but the commentators are now just commentating this kid's life. The feed cuts back to the kid and his mom, who is now looking at her cell phone, smiling. The kid peers over her shoulder, as they watch something. Mom busts into laughter and the kid's jaw drops; it seems as though someone watching at home has sent them a clip of what's airing. The kid slaps his knee triumphantly, and his mom laughs and laughs, while the commentators laugh in the booth.

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